Eko On My Mind

I miss Lagos and its glory. 

I miss the corporate madness and the energy of the city. I miss the headquarters of the happiest people on earth. I miss the home of the 22 million geng. 


I miss Eko, the city of hustling and bustling. 

A city of hackers, hawkers, and hookers. 

Of love, a city of life, a city of fun. 

The rainfall city that is also not shy of blazing its sun. 

I miss the city where the alayes rule the streets, agberos rule the road, and conductors rule the buses. 

I miss this city where real life exists in the go-slow and gets boring when traffic flows. Ask Gala hustlers


I miss Yaba and its energy. I miss the okrika market where bend-down bras are bought and sold. I miss driving on Herbert Macaulay Way through Unilag and Yabatech, and finally taking a seat with Lieutenant Olawale and his military goons at the Barracks beside the Mainland Hospital’s Covid-19 isolation center.


I miss Ojuelegba with the stench of decaying rubbish and the pungent odor of the sewers; mingling with the sweet aroma of shawarma and suya pepper soup. 

I miss Mama Lanre’s buka and those rickety makeshift stalls that show up at night and disappear before the day breaks.


I miss the agberos, the Lagos touts usually recognized by their gruff voices, rough faces, bloodshot eyes and incomplete set of teeth apparently lost in street brawls. 

I miss Danfo buses, the paraga-drinking drivers, and their ‘insulting’ bus conductors. I miss their threesome show of terror on Lagos roads and the collateral damages. 

I miss driving through the busy street of Lagos. I miss being stuck in Lagos traffic, spending 3 hours for a 30 minutes’ drive. I miss being harassed by LASTMA and Police. I miss their ridiculous exhortation and kangaroo judgment. I miss running away from FRSC officials over non-existent driving licenses and expired car documents. 


I miss my drive to Gbagada; cruising through the traffic-laden Oworo- Anthony Expressway, turning into Gbagada through Garage, then through R-Jolad Hospital into Gbagada Phase 2 Estate where GDM Group reigns. 


I miss my mechanics and vulcanizers. 

Awww. Nice guys. They keep me moving and in return drain my pockets.


I miss the 3rd Mainland Bridge and those nightly drives after the Ikoyi and Lekki grooves.

Oh, I miss Ikoyi, driving through Awolowo Way, circling the Falomo roundabout, and linking into Bourdilon, turning in around MacPherson Road into the heart of Ikoyi. 


I miss Lekki – Admiralty Way, Farm City, Sailors Lounge, Bays Lounge, and other lounges along the cruise. I miss Cubana on Adeola Odeku, and Natives beside the Access Bank HQ. 


I miss the Instagram slay queens and their restroom pictures. 


I miss Tunde Akinbode, padi mi Tunene omo iya’lata, a fact-based thinker whose with him you’re either right or wrong; and the answer is either yes or no.

I miss Brian. My coolest dude of all times.


I miss Anty Morufa and her underbridge paraga shop at Ijora-badia. I miss the pure water boy and the Gala hustlers (I wonder how they are currently surviving). 


I miss Sisi Eko, Omoge toh baad! Beauty and brain conjoined. Strategic, connected, and sophisticated. I miss her pouting lips and the killer legs! 


I miss me, Victor Adeyemi, a seeker of the unknown; left-eye thinker, innovation driver, problem-solver, content addict, creative writer, fun-seeker, visual designer, conference planner, co-creator, startup hacker, consumer/customer analyst, brand culture strategist, and author of sensational idea books, STEAL IT’ and ‘OLIVER THIEF. 

I miss my passion for creating compelling propositions that connect brands with consumers.


As the earth takes a break to rest, and God gradually resets the mother earth, as nations heal from the scourge of Covid-19; I sat isolated in my house, socially distant from Cubana, thinking how good life had been, imagining a noisy bar where hookers and hackers hawk in the full glare of the night. 


I sat lonely, wandering, and wondering when the siege will be over so the brands and consumers can gather under Ojuelegba Bridge and shout for joy. 

I rise.

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Oliver Thief will mean different things to different people.  

Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

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Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

Get Our Stories ‘As E Dey Hot’ Into Your Email