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The Wind Of Change

The harmattan blew strongly on me as I bent, with my pants pulled down, ‘poo-pooing’ unrestricted in an open-large natural African forest, shielded by a

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Dele Omo Agunloye

Seeing Dele’s campaign poster came back with a lot of nostalgic memoirs. I mused deeply over it and a flood of reminiscences gushed into my

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Razz is the new cool.

Razz Is The New Cool

It was a sunny Tuesday in Lagos, the temperature hitting over 40˚C, everywhere was steamy hot. I was driving to Ketu-Mile 12 area, sweating like

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Eko Covid Disruption

Covid-19 came to Lagos with a big bang!  No. It’s beyond the big bang theory. It came with a loud disruption!  From Ojuelegba to Iyana’paja,

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Mushin At Crossroads

Another crazy day in Lagos.  Idi Oro Bus stop, Mushin.  Broke, hungry, and trekking dejectedly towards Olorunshogo. I saw people dashing down the street.  Fear

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Oga Taiye

Today, I received a call from my old primary school teacher of over 25 years.    Mom went back to school and sent me to

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Daddy Calm Down

Friday morning met me on 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos.  It was 5 am and I was speeding up the longest bridge in West Africa. 

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O Ti Zeh

In the fall of 2019, I was in GDM Group as the Head of Strategy & Innovation, and Vicaf rushed excitedly into my office and

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Omo Dafidi

He went in as a shepherd boy,  And came back a hero.  He was sent to deliver a salutation,  He took over the entire show.

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