Away With Jagbajantis


7.00 am on a Friday morning and I was driving up from Surulere to Gbagada. 

I had a 7.30 am strategy session at GDM Group. 

I came in from Jubril Martins in the Lawanson area of Surulere and wanted to avoid Ojuelegba under bridge. So I drove up to connect to Olukole area, linking Ogunlana Drive, and joined the popular Shitta area. 


I pushed up the road and made a left turn under Masha Bridge, heading towards National Stadium, then turned left under the Stadium Bridge, backing Alaka Estate and facing Barracks Bus stop, Ojuelegba, and subsequently the Ikorodu Road stretch. 


I got an email alert from LBS. 

I recently completed a “Blue Ocean Strategy Mastery” from Lagos Business School and now they are selling me a new course alert. Cool, a tall order, but I cannot attain it. 

I drove on. 


I pictured the day’s strategy session, doing a mental run-through of my presentation and internalizing my slides, creating scenes, stories, and conversation triggers. 

I was happy. Today is a good day.


Jibowu. Fadeyi. Shomolu. Obanikoro. 


I drove on. 

Suddenly, I found my mind reflecting on trivialities; my car dented bumper, Buhari’s alleged new wife, the Big Brother madness, MI and Vector beef tracks, the current price of Jameson, Osibajo’s saga, the 7.5% VAT increase, and Bobby; Tunde Akinbode’s dog in Lekki…




I missed my turn.

I was supposed to turn in before I hit Anthony Bus stop to hit Corona/Greensprings School bend so I could link to the Oshodi-Gbagada-Oworosoki expressway. 

But I missed it. I drove past the Anthony Bus stop before I realized my position.

I panicked. 

Then I told me, Victor, calm down. 

What next? I asked me.

Recalibrate. I told me.

Where’s my next route? I asked.


I joined the service lane inwards Maryland mall and turned right around Elizade to join a road that leads to Anthony Village. I passed the GTBank, turned the right bend, and linked the expressway inward Oshodi. 


About 200 meters down the road, I turned right again, facing the creepy glare of LASTMA officials scouting for their breakfast. Not me dude, try the next guy. 


Slowly, I drove down the bend and linked back to Ikorodu Road, passed under the Anthony Bridge, and turned right into Town Planning Way in Ilupeju by the GTBank, made another right turn again to hit the Anthony – Gbagada highway.


I breathed a sigh of relief as I moved to the service lane, heading towards Gbagada.


I learned salient lessons. 


We miss it in life when we shift our focus from the big picture. 

And sometimes we miss it for life until we pay the price of re-calibration.

My re-calibration cost me a few things. 

It took my next 30 minutes. 

Drained my energy. 

Pumped up my anxiety. 

Burnt my car fuel. 

Increased the wear and tear of the car. 

And boosted the chance of being framed up and arrested by LASTMA, FRSC, or even the police. 

However, I got back on track and hit the mark. 


Life goals. Career. Relationship. 

And everything in between.

May we not miss it in life.


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Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

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Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

Get Our Stories ‘As E Dey Hot’ Into Your Email