Oliver Thief will mean different things to different people.  

Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…



The Wind Of Change

The harmattan blew strongly on me as I bent, with my pants pulled down, ‘poo-pooing’ unrestricted in an open-large natural African forest, shielded by a

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Dele Omo Agunloye

Seeing Dele’s campaign poster came back with a lot of nostalgic memoirs. I mused deeply over it and a flood of reminiscences gushed into my

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Razz is the new cool.

Razz Is The New Cool

It was a sunny Tuesday in Lagos, the temperature hitting over 40˚C, everywhere was steamy hot. I was driving to Ketu-Mile 12 area, sweating like

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Eko Covid Disruption

Covid-19 came to Lagos with a big bang!  No. It’s beyond the big bang theory. It came with a loud disruption!  From Ojuelegba to Iyana’paja,

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Mushin At Crossroads

Another crazy day in Lagos.  Idi Oro Bus stop, Mushin.  Broke, hungry, and trekking dejectedly towards Olorunshogo. I saw people dashing down the street.  Fear

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Oga Taiye

Today, I received a call from my old primary school teacher of over 25 years.    Mom went back to school and sent me to

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