Dele Omo Agunloye


Seeing Dele’s campaign poster came back with a lot of nostalgic memoirs. I mused deeply over it and a flood of reminiscences gushed into my mind; especially the young beautiful moments we shared at Touchstone, with quality friends like Dipo Dipe, Marcel Jesse, Muyiwa Alabi, Awoo Ibrahim, Lekan Roland, and Caroline Latona. 


I remember our series of flights together between Lagos to Abuja, and the quality of conversations we had airborne. I remember how we shared a room in Transcorp Hilton Hotels in Abuja, and how we planned to hit a nightclub and import ‘extra hands’, but we couldn’t because we were busy and over-worked. I even remember those delicious Pounded Yam and Bush Meat at Jevinik.  Ho-la-la.


I remember the stress and the excitements we shared during the rigorous 8-month planning process and execution of ICPS, an International Payment Conference we seamlessly handled for Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), where Dele was a principal actor. 


I remember the beautiful times we spent on NURHI, a reproductive health project in Nigeria funded by Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation. I also remember the Tejuosho Market project, how we took different outdoor agencies there almost every day, taking pictures, knowing in and out of the market. Then we got tired and started dodging Mr. Ojo.


I even remember mentioning you in my book, STEAL IT, describing you as ‘the most offensive replica of a talking machine’. Holy Jeez! You even loaned me some money to publish that book! That same book helped my career, introduced me to diverse people, and opened doors for me. Wawu!


I remember how you and the Touchstone crew added beautiful colour to my wedding in Ilorin. I recalled your visits to my Okota home, not once, not twice, with Tolu, your beautiful wife; and your love and gifts to my family, especially Omoni-Inioluwa. 


I still remember that delicious amala we ate at your place the day Prince was christened.


I remember how we rode home together every day at Touchstone, either in Danfo bus, or that white Ridgeline Honda truck. I remember how we ‘scammed’ each other into paying transport fares anytime you didn’t drive, and how we would argue about who is owning who. Lol. I remember the conversations we had during the rides, how you felt about the situation of the country, and how you really wanted to serve, not your pocket, but Naija, the land of dreams. 


I recalled how we made friends with touts and bus conductors at Yaba and Cele bus stop, and how a Danfo driver became our close friend and would even reserve the front seats for us. 

Lol. That is the level of our craze.


I remember the day we saw a groundnut seller girl bleeding profusely on Little Road in Yaba, and how we took her to a hospital in your Honda truck. I also remember an old woman you gave a live chicken on Montgomery Road and how she was eternally grateful. 


Your numerous orphanage visits, programs sponsorship within and outside the church, your life of giving, not only money but self. 


Dele gave, gave, and gave, especially to people who cannot repay. An epitome of love, humility, and service, not because you’re my friend but because that is who you are.  


Oh, I forgot to mention that his nickname is Senator. I actually didn’t know where he got the alias, maybe in his undergraduate days at Covenant University where he studied Economics; or Pan Atlantic University/Lagos Business School where he bagged his Masters. 

But does that matter? 


What matters is Dele wants to become a member of Oyo State House of Assembly and he needs our support. We might not all know him personally, but one thing is sure, Dele has a good heart, and he will make Oyo State proud, and when he gets to National Assembly, he will make Nigeria proud.

It is time we put power back in our hands, from the hands of the ‘jagabans’ of Nigerian politics. It’s time we redefine the future, starting from supporting ‘Dele ‘Dami Agunloye today. And assuredly, our support will go not only into our future, but the future of our children, and the generation yet to be born.


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Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

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Dele Omo Agunloye

Seeing Dele’s campaign poster came back with a lot of nostalgic memoirs. I mused deeply

Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

Steal It is stupid, awkward, and junky, probably due to the years of thinking…

Get Our Stories ‘As E Dey Hot’ Into Your Email